Ancient Chinese Medicine II

Herbs are natural substances, but they kind of drugs. They have a minimum of side effects when picked at the right time and conditions. If not, they will be dangerous. For example, Huangqi that are picked should be used with caution in those who had high blood pressure or high fever related with acute infection.
It is important for someone who wants to use Chinese herbs for consulted on doctor of Chinese medicine for evaluation based on the theory of Chinese medicine and diagnostic techniques, including pulse and tongue readings.
 When examining the patient, the first Chinese medical practitioners have to identify the meridians and organ systems which are not balanced. For
example, liver and stomach meridians frequently affects the digestive difficulties. The practitioner must determine the nature of that have energy imbalance, such as too much or too little energy, or energy is stagnant, blocked, or moving in the wrong direction.
Take the example of Esophageal Reflux, stagnated liver energy that may affect the normal flow of stomach energy, which moves in the wrong direction. If the chronic condition, patients will have severe fatigue and malnutrition.

Emotional anxiety, anger, and especially vengeance often causes liver energy stagnation. Patients with this type of imbalance, it may also be suffering from migraines, depression, insomnia, stomach ailments (cramps, constipation, or diarrhea), and chronic pain in tissues deep.
When a specialists Chinese medicine has been getting all the information and arrive at a diagnosis of energy imbalances, Chinese medicine which are specifically formulated for these patients will be prepared.

In many cases, there are four types of herbal plants which enter in the formula. First called the emperor. The Emperor represents the herbs which treat the main symptoms and underlying causes.

Both called ministers. Minister for helping the emperor for do the job better and also helps treat the symptoms and underlying causes.
Third-called Assistant. Assistants are herbs which help both the emperor and the ministers but also to harmonize the formula and reduce the possibility of toxicity and side effects.

Fourth-called ambassador. The ambassador is a herbal plant which ensures formulas will reach the organs and meridians which are targeted. Each type may contain more than one plant.

Generally, patients will make the stew ingredients that comes from raw herbs, followed by specific instructions and procedures, and drinking herb twice a day, usually without food. Potions can also be made in the form of capsules using concentrated extracts of herbal plants.
Patients frequently advised not to eat cold foods, raw, hot or spicy foods.
Typically, acupuncture is given every day, but in the U.S., acupuncture is very rarely used. To treat chronic medical conditions and complications, and patients with a severe shortage energy, the addition of Chinese herb medicine in acupuncture can be very helpful.

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