The Benefits Of Beer

Apparently, the beer that had been able to cause many diseases, has many benefits. In one study, if the beer consumed not excessive, will get 4 benefit as well! 4 benefits of consuming beer for our health following.

1. Pressing the Coronary Heart Attack Risk
Drink alcohol in moderate amounts (no more than two glasses for men and one glass for women per day) can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease until 30 or 60 percent. Drinking beer is also recommended for those that have an increased risk of diabetes, blood pressure, even to those who had experienced a heart attack.

2. Prevent cell damage
Drinking beer was able to prevent cell damage that is the embryo of cancer and heart disease. Hop and Malt that used in the manufacture of beer contains antioxidants in large quantities. Beer also contains polyphenols, antioxidants that are also found in wine, fruits, vegetables, and black or green tea. Lager Beer and Ale, contain antioxidants that the body needs.

3. Helps bone formation
Apparently in beer contain silicon. A mineral that can help the formation of bone mass. Silicon that contained in foods such as this will strengthen and improve the bone density, especially at the waist.

4. Protect drinkers from Stroke
Consuming beer can prevent you from strokes. If you consume beer in moderate amounts can improve the the ability to think and recover the memory begins to decline.
If we calculate the volume of beverage and the amount of alcohol content, beer has doubled the amount of antioxidants than white wine, although when compared with red wine, antioxidant content of beer is only half. But on the possibility of absorption in the body, because of small molecule antioxidants beer, then chances are the absorption of antioxidants beer will be much easier. Beer contains no fat or cholesterol at all, and sugar content is very low. Calories in beer, some very large comes from the alcohol content, not of an existing sugar content.

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