Averhoa bilimbi

Familia :
Averrhoa bilimbi can grow well in open places that have a height of less than 500 meters above sea level. In the country originally, this plant grows well in tropical area and in Indonesia, many maintained in the yard or sometimes grows wild in the fields or forest edge. This plant height can reach more than 10 meters and has a hard trunk. There are two varieties of this plant, which produces fruit that is green and yellow or often considered white.
The trunk has few branches, while its leaves finned even. The flowers which hang small, red or purple, the fruit lengthwise and hollow inside, have seeds.
Flesh contains a lot of water which taste sour.
Curable Disease :
Cough, gout, mouth ulcer, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, fever, inflammation of intestinal pivot, Eliminate acne.
Chemical content :
Sour starfruit, having chemical element content of oxalic acid and potassium. In addition, sour starfruit leaf extract to fight Staphylococus.

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