Pyrus Malus

Malus sylvestris, Mill
Apple (Pyrus Malus) can live in areas that have fertile cold air temperatures. This plant is cultivated in Europe, especially in northern subtropical region. Local apples in Indonesia is being famous comes from the area of Malang, East Java. Or also from the area of Mount
Pangrango, West Java. In Indonesia, the apples can grow and develop properly if cultivated in areas that have a height of about 1200 meters above sea level. Apple plants categorized as one family member rose and has a trunk height can reach 7-10 feet. Apple leaves are very similar to the leaves of the rose plant. Egg-shaped and decorated with tiny serrations on its edge-serration. At the age of productive, apple usually will Flowering in about July. Apple-sized variety is actually a flower that enlarged or expanded so that it becomes solid and contain fruit.

Chemical Content:
Apple (Pyrus Malus) in addition to having the content of pectin compound also contains nutrients, among others (per 100 grams): - Calories 58 calories - Hydrate charcoal 14.9 grams - 0.4 grams Fat - 0.3 grams Protein - Calcium 6 mg - 10 mg Phosphorus - Iron 0.3 mg - Vitamin A 90 SI - Vitamin B1 0.04 mg - 5 mg Vitamin C - and 84% Water

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