Healthy Kids, and Smart, Give Gangliosida Nutrition

Who does not want to the baby healthy and smart. If you want a child like that, pay attention to nutrition gangliosida. These nutrients are naturally a lot contained in human breast milk, milk, meat and eggs.
They all have an important role for brain development of children. According Dr.Paul McJarrow, PhD, one senior researcher from Palmerston North, New Zealand, explained that gangliosida in sialat acid needed for growth, development, migration and maturation of the brain nerve cells and the formation synaps (relations between nerve cells).
Fatty acid group sialat complex consisting of the components sugar, according McJarrow, also helped synaps signal transmission process, the formation of brain structure and store information. To obtain the maximum nutritional intake, every pregnant women are advised to consume foods that contain that lot gangliosida contained in milk, meat and eggs. He added, though gangliosida very important nutrients, but to further refine your child's brain development, there are some other additional nutrients.
Among them are protein, choline, AA-DHA, zinc, iron, copper, iodine, folate and vitamin A. "As with nutrition, stimulation is also very important. Stimulation can be done by giving the stimulus sounds, palpation, movement, graffiti and drawings at the time of playing, feeding, bathing, and others,"said dr. Soedjatmiko SpA, MSI, consultant pediatrician's growth.

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