Ficus benyamina L.

Ficus benyamina L.
Synonim :
= Ficus microcarpa, Linn. = F.nitida, auctt. = F.retusa, auctt. = F.retusa, auctt. non Linn. = F.retusa var. nitida auctt. non verae.
Familia :

Banyan tree, commonly found on the street, suburb or grow on edge of a cliff. A large tree, height twenty to twenty-five m. Rod vertical, round, rough surface, black brown, branching simpodial, roots hanging out at trunk. Seeds rounded, hard, white.

Nature Chemical Composite and pharmacological effect :
Taste slightly bitter, astringent, cool.

Chemical Content :
Containing amino acid, phenols, sugar, and acid orange

Curable Disease:
High fever, inflammation of the tonsils (tonsillitis), rheumatic joint pain, injury from beating (bruise), influenza, respiratory inflammation (bronchitis), whooping cough (pertussis), malaria, acute enteritis), dysentery, heat convulsions in children.

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