Loranthus, Spec. div.
Familia :

Loranthus is a plant species whose life does not require soil media. Living as parasites (parasiet = Netherlands), attached to the branches of other trees and taking minerals dissolved in the trees, the wood covered parasites may die. Multiply process is very simple: the sap Loranthus seeds were eaten by animals or birds. Then the Loranthus seeds stick in a branch of wood, along with bird feces and grow in that branch.

Loranthus attached to certain plants, such as (camellia Sinensis plant from familia theaceae) based on experience can be used as anti-cancer drug. Loranthus attached to the lemon tree (Citrus aurantifolia of plant families rutaceae) can be used as a herb medicine for thyroid disease and type of common Loranthus can be used as a remedy against measles. Scientific research has not been done.

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