Benefits of Organic Plant

According to research health experts in the United States in 2000, an estimated 30% of chronic disease started from unhealthy food. The addition of any preservatives and colorant, food processing with an initial temperature of heat such as frying is a cause loss of valuable content in food. Another factor is that the pattern of routine and fatigue that interfere with health. Considering importance of maintaining of health an very valuable, many people choose healthy lifestyles, with due regard to food, diet, and rest periods. One of them is to consume organic food. Selected organic fruits and vegetables as an alternative because organic foods are free from pesticides or chemical additions in the process of life.

Organic Center, based in Colorado, the U.S. are often in cooperation with universities from the U.S. and Europe to run the studies and research on organic plant, obtain benefits an existing content in organic foods 25% higher than normal plants. Studies also prove the food or organic fruits and vegetables increases antioksida functions in the body of 30%.

Why organic plant are safer? Organic plants grown in soil that is free of iron and chemicals, sprayed with water that is not polluted and can enough sunlight. plants can absorb fully an beneficial minerals and elements contained in the soil. Therefore, usually organic fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, chlorophyll and other beneficial elements. Organic food is also more durable and more delicious when consumed.

Some of the benefits of organic food are: cleaning the blood, remove toxins an accumulate in cells, helping the regeneration of new cells, and acid-base balance levels without drugs, vitamins, supplements or additional.
Organic lifestyle has become popular all over the world flow. Organic products also began favored by many people. Today, organic food can get everywhere, so the body healthy and prosperous life is no longer a dream.

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