Artemisia vulgaris Linn.

Artemisia vulgaris Linn.
Familia :
Description :
This plant can grow 3000 m above sea level, comes from China. This plant is a half-woody herb, branching many, grooved and hairy. Egg shaped leaves with rounded edges, segmented pointed tip, smooth haired both leaf surfaces. Green leaf color, at the bottom of the color is more white, take turns sitting. Flowers is the compound interest, small, stump shaped light yellow color arranged in a series of shaped panicles t
hat grow down, out of the armpit and the tip of the leaf stem. Duplication can be by stem cuttings or seed.

Curable Disease:
Menstrual Pain, Miscarriage, dysentery, Whitish, Difficult have children, vomiting blood, nosebleeds, bleeding intestines, easy birth.

NatureChemical and pharmacological effect :
Taste bitter, spicy, warm. Eliminate the cold, eliminating pain, stop the bleeding (hemostatic), blood circulation, prevent miscarriage, manage menstruation. This herb is entered meridian kidneys, lungs and spleen.

Chemical Content :
Oil evaporates (Phellandrene, cadinene, thujvl alcohol), alpha-Amyrin, fernenol, dehydromatricaria esters, cineole, terpinen-4-ol, beta-karyophyllene, 1-quebrachitol. Roots and stems: Inulin (containing artemose), a small Branch: Oxytocin, Yomogi alcohol, and ridentin.

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