Prevent Mouth Ulcer With Dragon Fruit

Mouth ulcer sometimes can attack anyone. Not only adults sometimes the children are also attacked by mouth ulcer is of course very disturbing.
Many of the drugs on offer, but if you want a speedy recovery with no side effects, please eat dragon fruit. Dragon fruit sold more and more, both the market and super market. In fact, in 2001 ago, the fruit is only known by the people of Israel, Australia, Thailand, and Vietnam.
Dragon fruit originating from the state of Mexico and northern South American nation. Aztec tribe an were the original inhabitants of Central America and South America, have long consumed the dragon fruit . Now the dragon fruit has become a commodity export nation of Vietnam. Dragon fruit is almost the same shape with pineapple fruit contains vitamins and minerals and fiber pretty much making it suitable for the diet.
European Society believe the dragon fruit is able to lower cholesterol, balance blood sugar, preventing colon cancer, strengthen kidney function, bone, and the workings of the brain, improve the acuity the eyes, treat vaginal discharge, and as the protector of oral health, including mouth ulcer.
Dragon fruit is divided into 4 types:
1. White flesh dragon fruit (Hylocereus undatus).
Red skin fruit is very contrast with white flesh inside. In the flesh was scattered black seeds. This species is easily found in local and foreign markets. The average weight 400-500 grams per fruit, there is also up to 650 grams. This type of fruit flavor sweet sour mix fresh, has a greenish scales or tassel on the outside, and the sweetness level is low compared with other types of dragon fruit. 10-13 BRIK sweetness levels. This plant is very suitable to be planted on dry land, and in a single planting can last until age 20 years.
2. Red flesh dragon fruit (Hylocereus polyrhizus). 
The figure is more muscular plant species. In the trunk and branches, distance between spines appear more tightly. The average fruit weight 400-500 grams. Purplish red flesh. 13-15 BRIK sweetness levels.
3. Super-red flesh dragon fruit (Hylocereus costaricensis). 
The trunk is larger and camouflage-colored when old. Red fruit Skin and frayed. The average fruit size of 400-500 grams. Level 13-15 BRIK sweetness.
4. Dragon fruit yellow skin and white flesh (Selenicerius megalanthus). 
Typical appearance with yellow skin and no scales or tassel. Tends to smooth skin texture, such as apples, so called cactus apples. 15-18 BRIK sweetness levels. Fruit size 80-100 grams.

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