Smoking Effects During Pregnancy

A British researchers suggests that pregnant women who smoke, babies born to tend to be hyperactive or suffering from concentration problems and difficulty to pay attention when they were 3 years old (preschool). The team of researchers from the University of York, Hull-York Medical School, analyzed about 13,000 boys and girls aged 3 years in the study of the UK Millennium Cohort Study. Were observed children's behavior through a number of questions asked to parents, teachers, and nanny. Among other problems hyperactivity disorder and attention disorders, such as how easily the child is split concentration or attention. Other indicators are showing behavioral tantrums, fighting or disturbing other children, as well as negative behavior such as stealing, lying, and cheating. Nearly 10 percent of women (mothers of these children) are known to smoke heavily, which is more than 10 cigarettes per day during pregnancy.
Meanwhile, 12.5 percent of women were light smokers (less than 10 cigarettes per day), and 12.4 percent are those an try to quit during pregnancy. It is known that the risk of having children an have behavioral disorders or attention problems was higher in pregnant women smokers, especially those who smoked until late birth. The highest risk is if the woman concerned to smoke during pregnancy (9 months).
Most women smokers trying to quit smoking during pregnancy to protect her baby. Another part of the study says, of young girls whose mothers quit smoking during pregnancy had a lower risk of behavior problems than girls whose mothers never smoked.

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