Allium cepa

Allium cepa
Familia :
Amaryllidaceae (Liliaceae).
Description :
Herba a season, not trunked. Single leaf embraced bulb. Tuber layers thick and fleshy, whitish red color. Hump-shaped flowering, ovoid-shaped flower crown. Round stones fruit, green. Seeds black color triangle. Used Parts Root tier.
Composition :
Essential oils, sikloaliin, metilaliin, dihidroaliin, flavone glycosides, quercetin, saponins, peptides, fitohormon, vitamins, and substance starch.

Particularity :
Warm, sharp taste and smell.
Ussage :
bactericidal, expectorant, and diuretic.
Product Use :
1. Cough.
2. Irregular menstruation.
3. Diabetes.
4. De-worming.
5. A fever in children (topical).
6. Abdominal bloating in children (topical).

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