Pterocarpus Indicus Willd

Pterocarpus flavus Lour. Pterocarpus pallidus Blco.
Papilionaceae (Leguminosae).

Tree, 10-40 m. high End of the branch-haired. Leverage Leaf shape lanceolate, 1-2 cm long. Leaves are alternate.
young leaves with a the amount of 5-13, elongated oval, pointed, blunt, very shiny, very fragrant flowers. Calyx bell-shaped up to form a tube. Orange yellow crown, crown Leaves are toed, bushy-haired fruit origin,
short-stemmed, seed totaling 2-6. Usually planted at an altitude of 1-800 m above sea level. The wood has a color and excellent quality, used as building materials and wood furniture. In Maluku, this tree produces "root wood" (carrot Hout). Her skin is used as a medicine, in a state of the tree of life containing a red liquid blood. Parts used Bark, sap (resin) and young leaves.

Adstringen and diuretics

Chemical composition:
Resin is known as kino (kinotanat acid and red dye).

Product Used
Kidney stones.
Thrush mouth (gargle).

Young leaves:
Ulcers (external drug).

Sap (Kino):
Wounds (external drug).
Oral thrush (outside medication).

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