Cordyline Fruticosa

Sinonim :
Asperagus terminalis L. Cordyline terminalis (L.) Kunth.
Familia :
Agavaceae (Liliaceae).

Trunked shrub, with height 2-4 m. Ring-shaped twig between ex leaf that fall. Gutter-shaped stem, leaf blade or lancet-shaped line. Flower panicles axillary, long-stemmed, branching wide, with a large protective leaves at the base of the branch. little leaves are protect the base of a small flower.
Buni fruit spherical, shiny red, shiny black seeds. From East Asia. In the garden and fence, the cemetery, at an altitude of 1-1900 m above sea level. Parts used Leaves.

Chemical Ingredients:
Steroid, saponins, and polysaccharides.

Hemostatic and anti-swelling.

Curable Disease:
1. Coughing blood.
2. Dysentery.
3. Menstruation is too much.
4. Bleeding hemorrhoids.

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