Amaranthus Spinousus, Linn.

Amaranthus Spinousus, Linn.
Familia :
Description :
Thorn spinach (amaranthus spinousus) included Amaranth plant types. This plant has a soft or moist bars, the height can reach one meters. As a unique sign of the spinach plant thorns of the tree trunk, precisely at the base of the petiole there are thorns, so that people know as spinach thorns. Spinach thorns, much grows wild in the yard,
field or on the streets of the village. Spinach thorn grows well in places where enough sunshine with temperatures between 25-35 Celsius.

Chemical Content :
Spinach contains amarantin thorns, spinasterol, hentriakontan, tannin, potassium nitrate, phosphate salt, iron, and vitamins (A, C, K and B6 = pyridoxine).

Curable Disease :
Urinary Pus, urine is not smooth, Bronchitis, milk production; add Blood, eczema, Blain, A fever.

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