Kaempferia galanga, Linn.

Kaempferia galanga, Linn.

Familia :
Description :
Kaempferia galanga including spare Zingiberaceae plants which have fruit flesh most tender and not fibrous. Is a small herb which grows fertile in the lowlands or mountains where the land is crumbly and not too much water. Fruit flesh is white and brown outer skin. Grow and develop in a particular season, in the rainy season. Can be grown in pots or in gardens which enough sunlight, not too wet and in open place.

Diseases which can be treated :
Stomach ulcers, inflammation of the ear, influenza in babies, headache, cough, eliminating dirty blood, diarrhea, menstrual smooth, eye fatigue, sprains, fatigue.

Chemical Ingredients :
Rhizome contain starches (4.14%), minerals (13.73%), and essential oils (0.02%) of cineol, metilkanil acid, cinnamic acid, ethyl aster, sinamic acid, borneol, kamphene, paraeumarin , anisic acid, alkaloids.

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