Ageratum conyzoides L.

Ageratum conyzoides L.
A. Loro ciliare. (non Linn), A. cordifolium Roxb.
Compositae (Asteraceae).

Description :
These plants include a season herb plants. Growing up straight or lay underneath. With a height of 30-90 cm. Round stems longhaired, if it touches the ground will out root. Compound interest gather 3 or more, length 6-8 mm flower stump. These plants can reproduced by seeds, originating from tropical America, this plant, can be found also in the yard, roadside,
embankment, and around the water channel at an altitude of 1-2100 m above sea level (asl). If the leaves have withered and decayed, this plant will out a bad smell.

Chemical Composition:
These plants contain amino acids, organacid, pectic substance, essential oil coumarins, ageratochromene, friedelin, ß-sitosterol, stigmasterol, tannins, sulfur, and potassium chloride. The roots of plants containing essential oil, alkaloids, and coumarins.
Curable Disease:
This herb taste slightly bitter, spicy, and is neutral. This plant is efficacious stimulant, tonic, reliever fever (antipyretic), antitoksik, eliminating swelling, stopping the bleeding (hemostatis), facilitating menstruation (emenagog), accelerate urine (diuretic), and kaiminatit. The leaves can be used also as a botanical insecticide.

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