Garlic grows in groups and stand straight to as high as 30 -75 cm. has a apparent stem formed from the stem-leaf midrib. Pieces of ribbon-like leaves, flattened and extending shape. The roots of garlic made up of tiny fibers that very much. Garlic is a plant which was originally highland areas, a specific types grown in the lowlands. Garlic is well developed in land elevation ranges from 200-250 meters above sea level.
Chemical Content :
From the root of garlic per 100 grams contains:

- protein of 4.5 grams.
- 0.20 grams of fat,
- carbohydrate 23, 1 0 gram,
- 0.22 milligrams of vitamin B1,
- 1 5 milligrams of vitamin C,
- calories 95 calories,
- 134 milligrams of phosphorus,
- Calcium 42 miligrain.
- 1 milligram of iron
- 71 grams of water.
In addition, several studies of garlic bulbs contain the active substance awcin, awn, alinase enzymes, germanium, sativine, sinistrine, selenium, scordinin, nicotinic acid.

Curable Disease:
Hypertension, Asthma, Cough, Cold, Headache, jaundice, shortness of breath, hemorrhoid, constipation, bruise, abscess; sharps injuries, insect bites, Parasitic Worms, Difficulty sleeping (Insomnia).

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