Tips to Keep Your Bone Strong and Healthy

Sometimes we forget, the bone, it is vital for humans. Without the bone, can not imagine like what our body. Maintaining bone to stay healthy and strong is not too difficult, but we often ignore health 'supporting' our bodies. How to stay healthy and strong bones? Here are tips to keep the porous bone is not fast.
-Expand Vitamin D: To keep your bones healthy and strong, we must multiply the foods that are high calcium and vitamin D. Foods that contain vitamin D include dark green vegetables, broccoli, sardines, salmon, shellfish and milk.

- Reduce Food Containing Rice: Because in the foods that contain whole grains capable of tie calcium and preventing the smooth absorption in the bone.

- Try Eating Garlic: Because the onion and garlic contains many sulfur is very good for bone health.

- Reduce the Soft Drink: Because these drinks contain lots of phosphate. Foods or beverages containing phosphoric make our body release calcium.

- Avoid Foods With High Protein: Foods that have high protein content causes calcium to evaporate from the body.

- Reduce consumption of caffeine: To keep your bones healthy and strong, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of caffeine contained in coffee.

- Exercise regularly: In addition to the recommended food intake, exercise can healthy and strengthen your bones.

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