Healthy With Walking

If you have been lazy to walk, think again. Because according to one study, walking can reduce the nine types of diseases. It turned out that we can cure the disease without having to spend money.
From now be diligent on foot and feel the benefits. 
Here are 9 types of diseases can be cured with exercise, which is based on the foot.
1. Heart Attack: Walking can reduce the risk of heart attack. Heart muscle needs more blood flow profusely (from the coronary arteries that feed it) to be fit and functioning normally without stopping the blood pumping. Walking quickly can flowing blood into the heart. With are often walking, good cholesterol (HDL), which works as a sponge absorbing the bad cholesterol (LDL) will increase by walking hurriedly. Walk quickly can reduce the risk of heart attack by half.
2. Stroke: A study was conducted to 70 thousand nurses at the Harvard School of Public Health found that the work was recorded walking activity as much as 20 hours a week, the results are likely to suffer from strokes dropped by two thirds.
3. Burn Fat: Regular walking will improve the your metabolism. In addition to a number of calories wasted by walking activity, excess calories are stored in the body will be burned, then weight gain did not occur.
4. Slimming Body: if you are overweight, begin to walk regularly. The movement of the feet until the whole body can lose weight and stomach fat you will be eroded. Perform regular walking for an hour.
5. Cancer: cancer symptoms will disappear by itself if we diligently walk. Cancers that can be suppressed is a type of colon cancer (colorectal carcinoma). We know, moving the body part smooth bowel peristalsis, making defecation more orderly. Colorectal cancer is also triggered by fecal retention for longer in the digestive tract. While in another study, walking may reduce breast cancer risk.
6. Preventing Osteoporosis: Frequent walking is not only the muscles of the body become healthy, order or bone in your body will become healthy and strong. Osteoporosis is not enough just to regularly consume vitamin D and calcium intake that many, the body also requires body movement and takes at least 15 minutes under the sun in the morning and you will avoid osteoporosis.
7. Preventing Diabetes: With routine walk about 6 km per hour, travel time approximately 50 minutes, could delay or prevent the development of type 2 diabetes, especially in those with overweight (National Institute of Diabetes and Gigesive & Kidney Diseases). During the blood sugar can be controlled simply by moving the body (brisk walking), the drug is not required. You only need to walk regularly to continue to maintain body fitness and avoid diabetes.
8. Depression: Strolling can quickly replace the anti-depressant drugs that usually taken regularly by patients with depression. From now on, diligent walk will heal patients who were depressed.

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