How To Choose Pure Honey

Honey does have that very high vitamin content. Honey is also one of the media to cure various diseases. Because gunannya very much, many traders that falsified the honey.
With a cheaper price, get ready for the honey we get fake. If you can not distinguish between detailed and accurate honey you'll be sorry.

Here's a trick to choose the original honey.

1. Thick, It's Sweet: The viscosity of honey depends on water content in honey. According to FAO, the water content in honey is that good maximum of 20 percent. Pure honey is also not frothy and sweet. If the sour, the honey is left too long in an open container and having fermentation.

2. No Easy Translucent: pure honey in addition to having that high viscosity, also contain that little water. When dropped on the paper, honey is not easy to penetrate.

3. Bubbling If Heated: pure honey will release bubbles when heated. Unlike the sugar foam like boiling water when heated.

4. Not Easy to dry up: pure honey you buy is not easy to dry. To be sure, apply a little honey on hand, and then drying in the sun, pure honey will not dry out.

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