The Benefits of Green Tea

Not many know the benefits of green tea. Tea with that bitter taste it was rarely preferred because in addition to that bitter taste, some people prefer other drinks that refreshing compared to a cup of green tea. According to one study, a cup of green tea can suppress several types of diseases that nested in the body.

In addition to to health benefits, green tea is also capable of providing youthful effect on the skin of a person that regularly consume green tea. In addition to some of the benefits above, another reason to consume green tea is because of this tea can improve the the quality of your sport.

According to researchers at Biogical Sciences Laboratories of Kao Corporation in Japan, consumption of green tea regularly able to free fatty acids in the body. In addition, green tea could provide energy and strength to the muscles during exercise. So for those of you who do not like the 'bitter' green tea, please try because it benefits very much.

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