The Negative Effects On Soft Drinks

Well, most of us are love to soft drinks, either at home, restaurant or when we gather with friends. Did you know too many soft drinks have negative effects on health.
1. Main Causes Fragile Bones
Contributors to Eating Well Media Group, wrote. The content of soda is the main cause brittle bones. It is true, explain the fact that a teenager that is too are often consume soda at risk of bone loss or osteoporosis. Fatal result, people will be easily affected by fracture than others. A study in the Archives of Pediatrics & Medicine Adolencent Journal of the American Medical Association issued in its research indicates that this is true. Research led by Grace Wyshak of Harvard Medical School in Boston succeeded in analyzing the survey data on 460 adolescents in the U.S.
As a result, adolescents that are often consume soda, three times more susceptible to fractures. This will increase five-fold when stay to consume soda and physically active

2. Caffeine Content of High
In one glass of soda contains 50 milligrams of caffeine. Although smaller than the coffee, the caffeine content in soda stay bad. One doctor holistic, F. Batmanghelidj, MD, stated that the worst effects of caffeine are heart disease and brain cells. And more dangerous again, most people do not realize that soda actually has a high caffeine content. So they stay think is safe compared to consume coffee. Regular caffeine intake in pregnant women may improve the risk of delivering babies with low birth weight. Even can cause spontaneous miscarriage or damage to the fetus. Caffeine also can inhibit enzymes that are used in memory formation, and eventually cause loss of memory. The most dangerous thing is that caffeine can be toxic to brain cells

3. Containing Sugar Overload
Sugar content in sodas is believed very high compared to other beverages. In at least a can of soda contains nine teaspoons of sugar!!. In fact, the need for sugar in the body can not be longer than four teaspoons per day! So, imagine if you drink three glasses of soda for lunch every time

4. Diet Soda Dangerous
You need to know, not necessarily writing a diet, on the package was harmless. Typically, manufacturers of sodas use artificial sweeteners as sugar replacement ingredient which they consider safe. Well, his name is aspartame. In fact, these chemicals can cause dysfunction of insulin. In addition, aspartame also contain toxic substances that do not exist in natural sugar. In the 166 articles on aspartame published by medical journals, from 91 percent of independent studies, 84 studies of a total of 92, found the incidence of health hazard caused by aspartame. Previous studies will identify the nature of aspartame has nerve damage. In one study, 7 monkeys were given milk with aspartame. One monkey dead, five others suffered severe seizures. Other studies have shown that aspartic acid is one of the major components of aspartame, leading to brain damage in babies rats.

5. Trigger Cancer
Soda drinkers also had higher cancer risk. In a study also mentioned that the soda can cause DNA damage due to sodium benzoate, a preservative that is normally present in most soft drinks, is able to "turn off" the vital function of your DNA. This led to the emergence of some diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver and Parkinson's.

6. Potential Problems For Muscles
One study found that too many soft drinks can cause muscle problems. Muscle problems caused by drinking too much soda is called hypokalemia. Patients with hypokalemia was a decreasing level of potassium in the blood that lead to disturbances in vital functions of muscle. Symptoms may develop muscle weakness until the numbness like paralyzed.

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