Hybrid Muscle Building

Have you ever wondered why that lean, fat free, “athletic muscle look” only seems to grace the physique of your genetically gifted friend who eats pizza and cupcakes everyday, yet he stills rocks a 6 pack like Vin Diesel? Have you tried following a 7 gazillion calorie diet while training at Golds Gym for two hours a day only to end up a bigger yet softer version of your original self? Getting fat, Puffy Muscle Syndrome (P.M.S.),
in order to “bulk up” and then “slim down” is not the way to go.Eating a ton of calories to force muscle growth not only makes you fat and puffy looking, but everyone knows that yo-yo dieting is bad for your health and usually ends up stamping you with an ugly modern disease called “insulin resistance.” If you want to walk around with a double chin for six months only to starve yourself for the other half of the year and screw up your metabolism at the same time. You’ve waited long enough, you've read enough bodybuilding magazines, wasted enough money on garbage supplements in flashy cans, and made enough excuses for being less of a man that you wish to be. You either want your body, your confidence and you life to get better.
Then try this “Hybrid Muscle Building” and weird “Reloading Diet” to battle P.M.S. and finally get leaner, harder and stronger.

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