Vitiveria Zizanioides

Synonim : 
Andropogon zizanioides Urban.
Andropogon squarrosus Hackel. 
Andropogon muricatus Retz.
 Familia :
Poaceae (Gramineae).
Characteristic :
Grass for years, may reach a height of 1 meter. Stems soft, edged, white. Single leaf, ribbon shape, the pointed tip. Midrib embracing the stem, whitish green color.
Flowering grains form at the end of the rod. Fruit rice, spiked, dirty white. Roots including root fibers yellow. Parts used Roots and essential oils.
Roots: Essential oils, Hars, and bitter substances.
Oil: Vetiverin, vetiveron, veton, and vetivazulen.
Usefulness :
The smell of the mouth (gargle). 
Rheumatism (external medicine).

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