Bidens Pilosa L

Sinonim :
Bidens sundaica Blume (1826), Bidens leucorrhiza (Lour.) DC. (1836), Bidens pilosa L. var. minor (Blume) Sherff (1925).

Familia :
Asteraceae (Compositae).

These plants include wild plants and can be easily found on the roadside. Sometimes planted in the yard, as an ornamental plant. The plant was classified as herb, can reach 150 cm high. Stem quadrangular, green color. The three-three leaves, each egg-shaped, serrated edge.
Long-stemmed flowers, white flower crown with yellow pistil. Parts used All parts of plant that are above ground (herb).

Typical Characteristics:
Cooling, bitter taste, and blood circulation.

Anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, and antiseptic.
Chemical composition:
Poliina alkaloids, saponins, bitter substances, essential oils, and Samak substances.

Used For:
1. Fever
2. Digestion not well
3. Rheumatism (joint pain).
4. Colds.
5. Appendix.
6. Hemorrhoids.

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