Between the Modern Medicine and Herbal Medicine

Since ancient times our ancestors if sufferers of a disease always use a drug that all the material took from nature. And with the growing level of knowledge and technology, the tradition seemed to start disappearing. This is caused by the appearance of drugs that are chemically processed. Perhaps this is due to a drug with a chemical process to more quickly heal and can be easily obtained. If the comparison between chemical drugs with herbal medicine there are similarities.
The first is whether the chemicals or herbs used to cure diseases.
But although the same to cure there are large differences between the two. 
This difference is about the manufacturing process. rapid healing, the amount of drugs and of the price. In the process of manufacture of chemical medicine more quickly, this is due to the use of advanced technology and herbal medicine takes a long process that is related to the source of drugs and techniques used for its production. In the process of rapid healing, drug chemical process is usually more quickly in a matter of days or weeks depending on the type of disease. And herbal medicine can often be many months or more.
And in terms of quantity and price of chemical drugs is also better this because more quickly chemical drug production process so that the number could very much and affect the price of the drug itself, while herbal medicine is limited mainly due to the dependence of its own natural resources, in terms of price can be obtained for free because it can be taken from the the natural world around us.

The spirit of Back to Nature
With the increasing number and kinds of chemical drugs, this also increases the range side effects produced by chemical drugs. Effects are sometimes even more and makes the increase of disease in patients.
This increased awareness of the side effects of chemical drugs is bad for health. And in recent years began to arise awareness to revive the treatment derived from natural or herbal remedies. This is also supported by more and more research on medicinal plants that exist in nature, as well as increasingly recognized medical experts on herbal treatment methods.

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